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Tornakalns (eng: Tower Hill) is a neighbourhood of Riga. Located on the westbank of the Daugava River (neighborhoods along this shore are collectively known as Pardaugava). The Red Tower is first mentioned in 1483 in documents - the brick construction consisted from 6 flours. It was meant to be the patrol tower for the defensive needs of the city. It was situated at the right bank of the river Marupite, near river's mouth in Daugava. Near the tower there was a water-mill and the ferry across Daugava.

There was a little village near the tower in 17th century, which was called The Village by the Tower. In the 17th century the Latvian school for local kids was opened there.

At the end of 18th and at the beginning of 19th century Tornakalns (like Agenskalns) was the place of the rest for rich townsmen, who built their farmsteads there.

But Tornakalans wasn't only the place of the rest. In the 19th century there already were some manufactures and factories. There was also a steam-mill. This was the time, when Tornakalns was chosen as a place for living by the local manufacture and factory workers.

Some negative history moments are also connected to Tornakalns. During the Soviet time on June 14, 1941 and March 25, 1949 9300 Riga and neibourhood inhabitants were departed from the Tornakalns railway station.

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