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The Dome cathedral :: Old Riga :: Sights of Riga :: Other Riga
The Dome cathedral

The Dome cathedral

The Dome cathedral

The Dome cathedral is unique church of cathedral type with a monastery in Baltic and also is the oldest and grandest church in Latvia. The first stone in the cathedral basis has been put in 1211. Approximately in 1300 building has been finished. During the building process, construction plans of the cathedral, construction styles and materials were changed several times. Because of financial problems, instead of the planned two towers, only one has been constructed. In 1595 the constructed cathedral's 140 meter high was the highest structure in Riga. In 1775 the cathedral tower has been reconstructed. The newly constructed tower (which can be seen even today) was built in a Baroque style. The Dome Cathedral is famous for its wind-box, made in 1884 by the German company E.F. Walker & Co. At that time the wind-box was the biggest in the world.

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The Dome cathedral

In a Soviet period in 1959 - 1962 the Dome cathedral has been reconstructed to be also a concert hall. The altar has been dismantled and armchairs were established. In 1981 - 1984 the Netherlands firm "Flentrop Orgelbouw Zaandam" conducted works on altar reconstruction. Today the cathedral has its own parish, Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, and a concert hall.

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the Dome cathedral the Dome cathedral the Dome cathedral

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